For many of us, Spring and Summer craft beers are just as anticipation-worthy as warmer temperatures and juicy, local produce. The refreshing, often lighter bodied notes featured in our favorite brews represent a glorious time of year when patios reopen and day-drinking is perfectly acceptable.

There are two craft beers that are nearing cult-like status in Atlanta. Transmigration of Souls, an "irresponsibly hopped" IPA and Serpent Bite, a dry-hopped sour that may just be the perfect brunch beer. These offerings from Orpheus Brewing recently made their debut for the year – and to further add to the excitement for craft beer lovers, the formerly seasonal beers have now been made available year-round due to popular demand.

Orpheus is most known for its delicious sour offerings, and Serpent Bite and Transmigration both highlight the brewery's passion for sours and hops. In a recent feature, named Orpheus brewmaster and founder Jason Pellett "Atlanta's Sour Beer Trailblazer".  Here's a little more about the beers and Orpheus Brewing:
Serpent Bite - Just as the Serpent Bite and loss of Eurydice was the catalyst for Orpheus’s journey, the brewery's love for hops and sour beers was the catalyst for Orpheus Brewing. Serpent Bite is a dry-hopped, sour saison, with a tart bite, and notes of orange and tropical fruit.The unique hops used in this beer (Mandarina Bavaria, Pekko) lend to its memorable flavor. With a juicy flavor reminiscent of a mimosa, this is the perfect warm-weather or brunch beer. Pairs well with breakfast foods, rich meats, fatty fish and ripe cheese. Available on draft and in 6-pack cans. Distributed throughout GA and AL. 


Hops: Mandarina Bavaria, Pekko
Grain: two-row barley, white wheat
Fermentation: House Lactobacillus Mother, Saison yeast
ABV: 6%
Label Design: Dosa Kim

Transmigration of Souls
- Inspired by the Orphic bone tablets which explore the dichotomous nature of life and death, Orpheus Brewing's Bone Tablet series reveals the many sides of the IPA. Transmigration of Souls is an irresponsibly hopped Double IPA, bursting with life from an absurd amount of aromatic hops. You’ll experience a bouquet of orange, lemon, and tropical fruit sitting on top of a clean, dry malt body. This beer is very overpowering; just pair it with another Transmigration of Souls. If you must eat, Transmigration of Souls is bold and dry, with an abundance of tropical fruit. It will pair well with spicy food. Available on draft and in 6-pack cans. Distributed throughout GA and AL. 


Hops: Featuring Azacca and Wakatu
Grain: Two-row barley, white wheat
Fermentation: American Ale yeast
ABV: 10%
Label Design: Sam Parker 

About Orpheus Brewing Company: Orpheus Brewing is an artisanal brewery based in Atlanta, Georgia, offering an exceptional selection of beers unique to the Southeast. With a lineup featuring saisons, sours, hops, and barrels, Orpheus Brewing is committed to creating beers based on flavors, not trends, and aims to offer beers that are not currently available elsewhere. Flagship beers include Atalanta, a tart plum saison that was the first sour beer to be canned in the state of Georgia, and Lyric Ale, a well-balanced saison featuring a blend of hops from three continents. To learn more about Orpheus Brewing Company, visit and connect on Facebook at, Twitter @OrpheusBrewing and on Instagram at @OrpheusBrewing.


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