J U N E   S P E C I A L S
Prices are per person. 10 guests minimum

Cherry Maple Chicken
Grilled all natural chicken breast finished with a cherry maple sauce. Served with herbed red skin mashed potatoes and green beans almondine, rolls and butter

Lime Pepper Salmon

  Grilled salmon filet with a lime pepper spice rub, finished with fresh citrus. Served with coconut infused Basmati rice and grilled yellow squash and zucchini, rolls and butter

Steak, Frites & Wedge

  Strip steak with 6 Pepper seasoning, grilled medium and sliced thin. Served with steak house pomme frites and a classic wedge salad (with bleu cheese, cherry tomatoes, bacon, and onion on the side)
June is here...Time to break out the Grill! The beginning of summer is prime grilling season, and each of our June Specials feature an entree hot off the grill. We love the grill because it gives food that delicious smokey flavor without the need for unhealthy cream and butter used in many sauces. Plus, grilled food is fun! Your guests will love gourmet grilled foods this month when you order from Carlyle's!

The Grilled Cherry Maple Chicken is a seasoned grilled chicken breast finished with a well-balanced (not-too-sweet) cherry maple sauce. Enjoy this light entree with some extremely delicious mashed potatoes, infused with fresh herbs. 

The Grilled Lime Pepper Chicken is another play on "sweet heat". The citrus flavors and bold spice profile pair very well together, and the grill brings out the best in our always-fresh, high quality salmon. 

Perhaps the most exciting special is the Grilled Steak, Frites and Wedge. Transport your lunch guests to a hip, high-end steak house with our expertly seasoned strip steak, steak house fries, and classic wedge. What a way to spice up a summer meeting!!

We are excited to serve you this Summer!!!  Thank you Atlanta for 40 great years! 

Please give us a call at (404) 872-4231 or an email at 
catering@carlylescatering.com today to begin planning your next event.

What We Do: We Make Our Clients Successful.

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