"...It’s been a really fun event so far and certainly a customer favorite. Our Cooking Coach, Amanda Rodgers and our Associate Store Team Leader, Chris Gonzalez, came up with the idea through similar-type contests on the Food Network.

 We began with a Chef from our Prepared Foods department, Stiles, who challenged Chef Megan (with Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ Edible Garden & blogger of Healthy Eating 101). Customers taste the dishes they create, vote and the winner goes on to the next Chef Battle the following month. We advertise the event through our social media channels of fb, Twitter & Instagram, and put out a spread of food & wine for our customer spectators who begin arriving just before 6PM.

 We’ve done the event twice so far, and have had between 30 & 50 customers participate/time. A little after 6PM, we welcome everyone and let our competitors introduce themselves. Next we reveal the secret ingredient each Chef must include in their dish. Then we set a timer and our challengers have 5 minutes to shop, followed by a timed 30 minutes to prepare their dishes. The crowd gets really into it. Shooting videos/photos, following along on Twitter in the moment and loudly assisting us in counting down the final 10 seconds.

Our Chefs leave it all on the floor as well. During our last Chef Battle the secret ingredient was summer squash. Chef Megan (winner of the first event) made sautéed summer squash and zucchini with wilted arugula, goat cheese, thyme, [and] red quinoa. Her challenger, Chef Ted from local gaming restaurant, Battle & Brew, made seared lamb tenderloin over fresh handmade pasta (yes, within 30 minutes!), a tomato cream sauce & sautéed summer squash. This month, Chef Ted was the winner by customer ballot, and he will go on to take on our Prepared Foods Team Leader, Blake Wagner, at our next Chef Battle on July 7th at 6:00PM."
Whole Foods Market Sandy Springs
5930 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA 30328


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