Story & Photos by Sara Craig-Goodell
Flavors  got an in-depth view of the menu at Thirteen Pies in the new Buckhead Atlanta location and let's start by saying: "Go Hungry!" More than simple pizza, Thirteen Pies provides a balanced menu of appetizers, farm fresh salads, pastas and as promised: thirteen fine-crafted pies made with options including locally produced meats and cheeses and a seasonally inspired thirteenth "who knows what" pie. 

What truly stood out throughout the menu was the thought and detail presented in each dish: the extra crispy crust that is thin in the middle, crusty and fluffy at the same time on the outside that leaves you feeling sated but not in food-coma state even after 4 slices; the sharply salty, crispy anchovy on the baby kale salad; the shaved Manchego cheese on the fancy house salad that plays well with the Marcona almonds and sweet beets; the super intense flavors of the cheeses on the Garlic & Sage White pizza; the cloud-like little Zeppole with tart, plum jam. These all stand out as that "extra touch" that comes from experience and attention to detail that you expect from high-quality restaurants. Fair warning: one bite from the The Iberian and you may have your new favorite pizza restaurant in town. 


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