Maestro pizzaiolo Luca Varuni creates traditional masterpieces in midtown
 Veteran maestro pizzaiolo Luca Varuni and architect and developer Arturo Giancarlo Pirrone proudly announce the opening of Varuni Napoli on Wednesday, April 23. The pizzeria is a labor of love for the Italian-born owners and will showcase traditional Neapolitan pizzas in a friendly and highly interactive environment.
“We are excited to bring a true taste of southern Italy to Atlanta,” says Luca Varuni. “The authentic nature of the food, drinks and atmosphere will transport guests to the city of Napoli without leaving the restaurant.”
The Chef
Maestro pizzaiolo Luca Varuni’s passion for his native cuisine and impressive training is demonstrated in the dishes he prepares. In Naples, Italy, Varuni studied under the renowned Enzo Coccia, one of the world’s foremost maestro pizzaiolo at La Notizia, the only Michelin-rated pizzeria in the world. He then went on to work in some of the top kitchens in the U.S., and abroad. Armed with a diploma in the art of Neapolitan pizza, Varuni leads a native-Italian staff trained in the traditions of this 300-year-old art. Varuni brings years of planning and research to the concept in addition to his recipes, drive and contagious enthusiasm.
The Cuisine
Drawing on the culture and artisanship of Napoli, high-quality ingredients are used in each dish to create a true southern Italian feast. To maintain authenticity, the main ingredients are all imported, including Doppio Zero flour, cold-press olive oil, Italian olives, cured meats, San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. To ensure that dishes are made with the freshest produce, seasonal vegetables and herbs are locally sourced. The backbone of these impressive pies is the dough made with careful calculation and traditional methods. Using triple-filtered water and raising yielded from the ancient “mother” process, the dough is able to gather natural airborne yeasts as it rests, allowing it to stabilize. The dough’s uninterrupted reproduction assures the product’s consistency over time. The slow-raising process results in a lighter and sweeter crust that is easy to digest. Once the dough and ingredients are assembled, the pie is then transferred to one of two wood-burning ovens in the center of the kitchen. The imported Italian-made ovens burn at 900 degrees resulting in the perfect pizza crust: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Varuni Napoli makes every effort to avoid products and ingredients that contain preservatives, growth hormones and chemical boosters. Varuni Napoli will be the only place in Atlanta where a group of native Neapolitan pizza makers make your Neapolitan pie, a place where the authenticity begins in the kitchen.
The Menu
The pizza menu at Varuni Napoli offers signature authentic Neapolitan pies including the pizza Chiattona made with pancetta, pepperoni, mixed salami sopressata, fior di latte mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano; SpaccaNapoli pizzamade with taleggio cheese, oak roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, truffle oil and salt, and Pecorino Romano; and the King of Napoli made with Antichi Pomodori, Vesuvius cherry tomato, pecorino Romano, fresh buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and basil. In addition to pizzas, Varuni Napoli offers antipasto freddo, focaccia bread with an assortment of salami and cheeses; traditional cuoppo, a paper cone filled with fried items; salad with pomodorini, oven-roasted pecans, homemade balsamic vinegar and Prosciutto di Parma; and a variety of cheesy morsels from the mozzarella DOP bar. For guests with a sweet tooth, the dessert counter features several traditional Italian desserts such as sfogliatelle, shell-shaped pastries filled with ricotta cheese, lemon and orange zest, homemade cannoli and Neapolitan baba, a small sponge cake bathed in sweet rum.
The Bar
Varuni Napoli serves a variety of Italian wines, cordials and bottled beer as well as local favorite beers. Guests can sip on beer and wine without breaking the bank, priced by the glass beginning at $4 and $5 and bottles of quality Italian wines starting at $22. A unique feature of the bar is a built-in tap for Prosecco, making Varuni Napoli one of the few Atlanta restaurants to have one. Those who crave caffeine are in luck - the restaurant also serves traditional cappuccino, macchiato and espresso. 

About Varuni Napoli
Opening on Wednesday, April 23, Varuni Napoli is an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and the first venture from veteran maestro pizzaiolo Luca Varuni and architect Arturo Giancarlo Pirrone. The eatery serves traditional southern Italian pizzas, desserts and antipasti as well as a selection of premium Italian wine and beer and a couple of local brews. The open kitchen allows guests to become a part of the pizza-making experience and enjoy the world-renown Italian hospitality. Varuni Napoli is located at the corner of Monroe Drive and Piedmont Road at 1540 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, Ga., 30324. Free parking is available at all times in Clear Creek Mall located behind the restaurant.  It is open Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday from 5 to 11 p.m., Friday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., Saturday from 11 to 2 a.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information please visit the website or connect on Facebookand Twitter.


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