Flavors was able to get this insight into the interesting life of Brian Boitano at his new book signing at Cook Hall here in Atlanta. Brian Boitano is the Olympic Gold ice skating medalist. He also has a cooking series on Cooking Channel named What Would Brian Bointano Make? (also the name of his book - Lyons Press, 2013). Since he has traveled all over the world, he developed an interest in all types of cultures and cuisines. He loves to cook and entertain most of all and this cookbook are recipes from his favorite food and memories of family and friends get-togethers. He likes simple, healthful recipes with a dash of "intriguing flavors" (this info is on the jacket of his book.)  Visit his website at www.brianboitano.com or twitter (@BrianBoitano) and Facebook (facebook.com/brianboitano).



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