By Laura Carson Miller

When it comes time for dinner out, do your kids get just as excited about new adventures in food as you do? Atlanta is full of diverse restaurants and luckily many of them have kids menus that aren’t merely the same ‘ole thing!

Check our roundup of local restaurants with kid friendly items so delicious, parents might covet their meals. Click the restaurant names for a direct link to their websites. 
1. Kyma
Delicious food is always a family affair at Kyma. Chef Pano Karatassos (pictured at left), a father of 3, told me, “The inspiration for the Kyma Kids menu came from the children who came to Kyma with their parents in the first 4 or 5 years the restaurant was open.”  He noticed that they were ordering and enjoying fresh, healthy menu items from the regular menu instead of asking for typical, fried kid’s menu food.  “From that observation, we created a menu that mirrors the regular menu with small plates, pastas and dinner entrees in kid’s portions.  They are the same high quality ingredients and prepared in the same healthy Mediterranean style as the rest of the Kyma menu.”   

2. Twist

What child, or parent for that matter, could resist the Fluffernutter Sandwich and fruit or the lure of mini burgers with fries? Twist offers choices that are known and loved in portions that are kid perfect. Ask about the coloring contest, too, where you can win another meal on the restaurant!
3. South City Kitchen Vinings

Southern staples get a gourmet twist at South City Kitchen in Vinings (pictured at right), with kids favorites like Crunchy Catfish Sticks and brunch items including Short Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes or Scrambled eggs with grits and fresh fruit. As an added bonus, kids 10 and under eat free Sunday-Thursday from 5-6pm 
with the purchase of an adult entree at the regular price. 

4. Café Sunflower

Vegetarian families can find yummy, healthy dishes and a menu just for kids at Café Sunflower (pictured at left) locations in Buckhead and Sandy Springs. Pizza, quesadillas and more get the veggie treatment with fresh ingredients and smiles for kids and parents.

5. Souper Jenny

Jenny Levison has been dishing up soup in Atlanta for 13 years and her Thursday night grilled cheese offering is a favorite of local kids and adults alike. Get a yummy soup and sandwich on Thursday from 5pm – 10pm. You’ll likely be back the following week, too!

Most of all, be willing to try something new - little ones are taking their clues from you. Happy dining, families! 



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