The Summer Olympic Games start today (who's watching the opening ceremonies?), and in honor of the Game's British hosts, we decided to share a recipe for one of the country's quintessential cocktails. 

While we love the traditional Pimm's Cup, we found a closer-to-home version that adds an unexpected twist--a bit of Cognac. You can find it at Eleanor's, the new speakeasy-style bar tucked behind (the only access is through a secret door) Muss & Turner's in Vinings. Here, bar manager Tristan shares his twist on a classic. 

Pimp's Cup: 
1.5  oz Pimm's No.11
2 oz Camus V.S Cognac
12 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
5 mint leaves

Shake all ingredients together. Strain into a 13 oz chalice. Add fresh ice. Top with Barritt's ginger beer (to taste). Garnished with a pressed cucumber slice.

Tristan says, "A server at Local Three (Muss & Turner's sister restaurant) mistakenly thought a guest ordered a ‘Pimp’s Cup,’ when they ordered a ‘Pimm’s Cup,’ which the server had never heard of. We laughed pretty hard, and after that I knew that I had to create a Pimp’s Cup cocktail. I added a bit of Cognac, which works perfectly."

We hope you'll enjoy making this version at home. It would be the perfect libation to enjoy as you cheer on our U.S. Olympic team. To learn more about Muss & Turner's, visit www.mussandturners.com