There's something about the flavors of sugar and spice that make it feel like the holidays... and a little buzz thrown in doesn't hurt, to celebrate with some of Atlanta’s favorite holiday spirits! Even though (Jack) Frost is running a bit late this year, (Jack) Daniels and some of his friends’ seasonal delights are here to warm you up for feasts, festivities and frolicking around the town. Check out these wintertime cocktails being served at hotspots around Atlanta. Some will remind you of tiptoeing to peek at the milk and cookies ("Sugar"), while others will bring you back to the comforts of sipping hot cider beside a blazing hearth ("Spice"). All will bring a new season of memories—as long as you haven’t ho-ho-hoed yourself to sleep under the tree!

Take Note: Most of these sprightly libations will be served throughout the winter season, so you can enjoy them into the New Year.

French Russian
(Inspired by the “Twelve Days of Christmas” verse “Three French Hens”)

Yield: 1 Drink

1 oz. Absolute Vanilla Vodka
1 oz. Café Bohême
½ oz. Kahlua
½ oz. half and half
Build in shaker with ice.  Shake and strain over ice. Garnish with a chocolate cigar sugar stick. 

St. Regis Hotel

Photo: New South Photography, Brooks Harris

Midnight Milk and Cookies
Yield: 1 Drink

1 oz. dark Crème de Cacao
1 oz. light Crème de Cacao
1 oz. Vanilla Vodka
½ oz. half and half
½ oz. milk chocolate syrup
Cocoa powder

Mix dark and light Crème de Cacao, Vanilla Vodka, half and half, and milk chocolate syrup into shaker with ice. Shake well. Line rim of glass with vodka and dip into cocoa powder. Pour and serve immediately.

Shula’s 347

Photo: Natalie Najjar

On Point
(Inspired by The Nutcracker’s run at The Fox Theatre.)

Yield: 1 Drink

1 ¼ oz. Vodka
¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
¾ oz. simple syrup
¾ oz. rose wine

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Strain over ice. Garnish with a long lemon peel.

Publik Draft House

Photo: Rachelle Hicks


Sled Dog

Yield: 1 Drink

2 oz. espresso (Park Grounds uses Counter Culture espresso)
1 oz. milk foam
1 tsp. raw sugar
½ oz. Gran Marnier

Pour raw sugar into cappuccino cup. Pour espresso over sugar. Add Gran Marnier. Top with milk foam. Dust foam with cinnamon.

Park Grounds

Photo: Rachelle Hicks

Winter Cocktail

Yield: 1 Drink

2 oz.Crusoe Spiced Rum
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. simple syrup
½ oz. ginger liquor
½ oz. Allspice Dram
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Lemon zest

Combine all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a columned glass with ice. Add lemon zest.


Photo: Rachelle Hicks

Honey and Spice

Yield: 1 Drink

2 oz. apple cider (Aria uses a house-made cider)
1 ½ oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
½ oz. Domaine de Canton
½ oz. lemon juice
Splash of ginger ale

Shake Jack Daniel’s, Domaine de Canton, lemon juice and cider over ice. Strain into a glass full of ice. Add a splash of ginger ale… and Wallah!


Photo: George Sanchez

Compiled and written by Rachelle Hicks.